by axel   © 2013


photography now!


"To me, a 'good' photograph is one that compels the viewer to look at it for more than a second or two."
this stated Henri Cartier-Bresson; as brief as felicitous.
one surely can put this aperçu on other visual arts, although it necessarily sounds quite superficial.

it needs reflection; a reflection that ecxeeds the day-to-day perception,
especially when day-to-day things are being looked at.

the interaction of this 'to-look' is the moment when art happens.
the novel of Frisch, Hesse or Sartre on the shelves is a compilation of printed paper;
only this indescribable act of reading gets them alive.

it's not the picture itself, it's what happens between the picture and its beholder
that affects me;
when i take pictures, i'm not interested in the subject, it's about what happens inbetween
the subject and me.